House For Sale For Rent Passorn Bangna King-Kaew 95 million baht 55000 Thb per m

House For Sale For Rent Passorn Bangna King-Kaew 95 million baht 55000 Thb per m

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House For Sale/ For Rent Passorn Bangna King-Kaew

9.5 million baht (55,000 Thb per month)


Property Type : Detected House / Twin House

Project Name : Passorn Bangna King-Kaew

Current Status : Available

Land area : 70 square two-meters

Living/using area : 222 square meters

Number of floors : 2 floors

Number of bedrooms : 4 bedrooms

Number of bathrooms : 5 bathrooms

Parking space : 2 cars


House for sale/rent Passorn Bangna King Kaew 9.5 million baht (55,000 Thb per month)

Selling Passorn Prestige Bangna-King Kaew Suvarnabhumi

Price below appraisal due to the owner moving abroad, located on the main road, corner unit next to Club House, on the best location of project and largest house design.

2 floors detached house for sale, special price

70.1 square two-meters, using area 222 square meters.

98/133 with 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 1 living room,1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 1 house maid room, 2 parking spaces ( can park many more cars around the house ), garden area around the house.


Project information

Increasing/decreasing land 95,000 per square two-meter

House design 15,000 per square two-meter, next to the main road 15 meters.

Add on 200,000 for the corner unit

Add on 500,000 for the unit next to Club House

Add on 300,000 for the unit next to the main road

Add on 200,000 for the unit opposite the garden

Add on 300,000 for the unit next to the garden

Summary of Project costs

Land 6,650,000

House 3,330,000

Location 1,200,000

= 11,180,000

Including project development cost 15% = 12,857,000

Selling at the price lower than the bank appraisal ONLY 9.5 million baht


If you are interesting, please make an appointment to viewing the house.


- Free 4 air condition, curtains around the house, kitchen, additional awning, remote control door, burglar alarm.

- Corner unit on the main road, next to Club House, the best location in the project and Passorn project is the best location on King Kaew Road

- Convenient transportation near the U-turn point both inbound and outbound

- Near important places such as International school Thai-Chinese, Thai-American

- Near Suvarnabhumi international Airport, Airport Rail Link, Rainforest Green Community, Mega Bangna, Chularat Hospital, etc.

- The located in the Red Zone

- The project is a premium brand with complete facilities and security systems. Excellent safety.


Map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/P3UixhvSYw7sCkyx5?g_st=ic


Tel&Line 0861942249
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