R078-568Terry004 BusinessFor Sales Located on Pratamnak Hill Soi4

R078-568Terry004 BusinessFor Sales Located on Pratamnak Hill Soi4

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R078-568Terry004 Business.For Sales

Located on Pratamnak Hill Soi.4

Building : 1  ( 28 rooms )

Low Rise : 5 Stories

Land Area Approximately : 41+53= 94 Sq.wah. (94 Sq.Wah.x 4Sq.M.=376  Sq.m.++)

Price : 26Million Thai Baht.


This is a great opportunity to pick up a quite large and ready to take over a beachside serviced apartment business in the Pratumnak area. LOCATION The location is just a few hundred meters from Pratumnak beach. It only takes a few minutes by motorbike or public transport to get into town from here. INTERIOR There are a total of 28 rooms with kitchenette’s ready for short or long term rent. Each of the rooms comes fully furnished and have a modern feel to them. There are many room types and even a large 3 bedroom, 120sqm unit is included in this as well! The rest of the rooms are as follows: 1 x 3 Bedroom (120 Sqm) 4 x 1 Bedroom (41 Sqm) 1 x Studio with Balcony (35 Sqm) 16 x Double Studio (22 Sqm) 6 x Single Studio (20 Sqm) There are also 2 commercial units on the ground floor, which could be either part of the serviced apartment business or leased out separately. At the moment one of these is a massage business and the other a restaurant, both of which complement the serviced apartment business.


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