ICondo Sukhumvit 105 beautiful room beautiful view 7th fl BTS Bearing

ICondo Sukhumvit 105 beautiful room beautiful view 7th fl BTS Bearing

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ICondo Sukhumvit 105, beautiful room, beautiful view, 7th floor, BTS Bearing

Ser_vices for sale / rent houses, condos, and consulting Interested, please contact at _ANY time
Interested in more details _OR pictures _OR make an appointment to visit the room
Contact Ekachai (Aui)
T. 089-799-5598
Line ID: auiauiaui001

Room type: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
Size 31 sqm. Floor 7, Building A3
New room, clean, beautiful decoration, ready to move in

Rental price: 6,500 baht / month
- Closet
- Built In Kitchen
- Bed with mattress
- TV shelf
- Sofa
- Dressing table
- Coffee table
- Dining table with chairs
- Table with chairs
- Curtains

Nearby landmarks (Referenced _from_ Google Map)
1. BTS Bearing: 4 km
1. Samitivej Lasalle Hospital: 800 m.
2. Sikarin Hospital: 1.5 km.
3.harbin ice Bang Na: 4 km
4. Tesco Lotus Bangna: 4 km
5. Makro Srinakarin: 1 km
6. Big C Srinakarin: 1 km
7. Bitec Bangna: 2.5 km
8.Central City Bangna: 1 km
9. Meteorological Department: 6 km.
10. Lasalle School: 600 m.
11. Bangkok Pattana International School: 800 m.
12. Duang Ploy Market: 900 m.
13. Lasalle Fresh Market: 1 km

Rental terms
1 year lease contract
1 month advance payment, 2 month room insurance

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