Condo for rent BTS Thonglor SIRI at Sukhumvit 11F

Condo for rent BTS Thonglor SIRI at Sukhumvit 11F

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Condo for Rent Sukhumvit, SIRI at Sukhumvit (Siri @ Sukhumvit), BTS Thonglor Station, 2 Bedrooms, 74 Sq.m. Floor 11.
The large living room, kitchen and living room, in the middle of the room is divided into 2 bedrooms, The kitchen is open kitchen divide the counter into 2 parts Is Food items have electric stove and the dishwasher washes the vegetables in front. The kitchen has access to the small washing terrace, next to the dining table is about 6 people. The shared bathroom there have bathtub in this area, can be used as a guest toilet. Next to the living room is a sitting area next to the balcony. Small bedroom on the left. The master bedroom is on the right. The master bedroom has large windows in the room. There is a walk-in closet and an en-suite bathroom, bathroom with bathtub, separate proportionate area. Full function furniture.

Rent price: 60,000 Baht per month include maintenance fee
1 month deposit rental and 2 month security

Feel free any question 099 798 7916
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