HotCommercial building Huahin for sale with 7-11Renter 315 Sqw

HotCommercial building Huahin for sale with 7-11Renter 315 Sqw

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Urgent!! Commercial building at Huahin for sale. It’s being rented by 7-11. It’s very good for long term investment.


******7-11(CP All) has contract of rent for this building 12years. (There are 10 years left from now.)


Expected income from 2018:


2018-2019: The rental fee is 90,000 baht/month (1,080,000 baht per year).

2020-2022: rental fee is 99,000 baht/month (1,188,000baht/year)

2023-2026: The rental fee is 108,900 baht/month (1,306,800 baht/year)

****Anyway, you will get 800,000baht from contract of rent besides the rental fee. CP All company pays 400,000baht in 2019 and 400,000baht in 2023.

Why it’s good to buy?

- The value of building has been increasing continuously. After the rental contract expires, if 7-11 won’t extend the contract, you will also get the higher price of building.

- Absolutely, you will get a lot of profit if you sell it. Additionally, commercial building in this area is very easy to sell.

- There will be many projects in Hua Hin which make the higher value of the building.

- It’s good for long-time investment. 

** the company that rent the building is CP All company, one of the biggest company of Thailand. It’s not the franchisee.

- The only risk that you may found is 7-11 won’t extend the contract. However, it’s almost impossible when it’s in prime area. 

- It’s easy to sell. Moreover, it’s so easy to find companies to rent. Many companies (such as family mark, etc.) , etc.) are interested to invest in this area.

****In the future, Hua Hun is more popular because of the high speed rail to Hua Hin. Furthermore, there will be a harbor at Hua Hin. The ferries come from Bang Phu.


-------Hot price!! With all perfect condition, It’s only 31.9 million baht. All payment for transfer is included.


If you interested in the building, please contact Mr.Niti (representative of the owner)

Mobile: 094-782-2354 

Line ID: @thpropertyinvestor (with @ leading)

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