shop at Noble Remix 2nd fl shop 73 sqm 1400 Baht per month

shop at Noble Remix 2nd fl shop 73 sqm 1400 Baht per month

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ให้เช่า หน้าร้าน โนเบิล รีมิกซ์ สะดวกสบายด้วยทางเชื่อมสู่ BTS ทองหล่อ พร้อมสิ่งอำนวยความสะดวกมากมาย

Exclusive rental retail spaces located on ground floor and second floor of Noble Remix condominium offers easily access from Thonglo BTS Station via BTS link and plenty of underground parking lots This project is located in prime Bangkok area Thonglo Phrom Phong where your business can easily be connected and dealed with business supply chain to enlarge your business benefits and create high effective of customer accessibility Moreover you will get high value of your products and services

Available rental shop area
- 2nd fl shop space 73 sqm 1400 Baht per sqm

Facilities included
- BTS link 2nd fl
- Parking lots
- public toilet
- escalator
- central air condition
- convenience store 7 eleven
- 24 Hour Security guards and CCTV

Please contact SERVE condo agent authorized by Noble Development PLC
- call 022529955
- Email info@servecondo com
- LINE contact @servecondo
- Website www servecondo com
- Visit SERVE stations as below
1 SERVE shop @Noble Remix G fl retail shop Zone BTS Thonglo Exit 2
2 SERVE station @Noble Ploenchit 2nd fl Noble Building BTS Ploenchit Exit 5
3 SERVE station @Noble Revolve Ratchada 1 G fl lobby MRT Thailand Cultural Center Exit 2
4 SERVE station @ Noble space Ari 90 meter from BTS Ari Exit 4
5 SERVE station @ Noble Revo Silom 250 meters from BTS Surasak Exit 1

Co Agent is welcome
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